Our Story

Pablo García-Valenzuela (Pablo Gav) was born in Mexico City in 1973. He holds a BA in composition, music theory and piano from CIEM (1992-96), an MSc in contemporary music composition from University of Hertfordshire (1996-97), UK, and a PhD in electroacoustic composition (1998-2003) from City University, London, UK, after studies with Simon Emmerson, Javier Alvarez and Denis Smalley. He has received grants for studies abroad from the British Council (1996-97), the Mexican Arts Council (FONCA, 1998-2001) and gained national and international distinctions for his music such as the Prix de la règion d’Aquitaine in SCRIME 2000, Bordeaux, France, honorary mention in Concours Metamorphoses 2000 from Belgium (both for his work Gutura), the 3rd prize in the Luigi Russolo awards, Italy 2001 (for Piano T), a Postdoctoral research grant in multichannel sound from UNAM (2005-2007) and the Apoyo para la Investigación y Producción en Arte y Medios 2008 from CNA/CMM for his 15.4 multichannel composition and sound design project. Since 2011 he became recipient of the prestigious SNCA/FONCA grant for composition. Since 2012 he teaches electroacoustic composition at Conservatorio Nacional de Música (National Conservatory of Music) and sound theory at SAE Institute, Mexico.
Pablo García-Valenzuela has published research articles for the EMS of England (2006) and PIM/UNAM of Mexico (2009) as well as a PhD thesis book entitled Aesthetic and Temporal Forces in Electroacoustic Composition published by VDM-Publishing (Germany, 2009). He also worked as Executive Researcher for the National Foundation for Youth Music of England (2004-2005). Since 2007 he teaches sound design at Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana (UCSJ, Mexico) and in 2008 he became the artistic director of the concert series “La Habitación del Ruido” with which he has collaborated with many countries such as Germany, Poland, UK, Canada, France and Chile. He has also acted as referee for postgraduate journals and research projects such as Heptagrama, UNAM, and music technology initiatives from Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua. He has participated in artistic residencies and multiple music conferences among which we can highlight the following: Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, U.S. (2005), invited by Larry Austin; EMS/Musicacoustica, China (2006); 96 channel Wave Field Synthesis at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain (2007); Interactivity and the Audio Arts at University of Kent, UK (2010).

His main interests in music composition involve mixed electroacoustic (that is, electroacoustic sounds combined with traditional musical instruments), rhythm and multichannel experimental sound (automated spatial composition). His music has been performed in many countries through festivals and experimental radio stations and published in CD's in France, Italy, Germany, UK and Mexico. He has also been part of several independent projects such as Mañas (2004), for live electronics and percussion; Sonus Umbra (2005), a Mexico/U.S. progressive rock band, Alucarda (2010), a mexican film by Ulises Guzman, and founder of the progressive multichannel rock band Naff (chusma)

Currently he devotes most of his time to multichannel composition, both for symphony/chamber orchestra and for rock quartet.