Symphonic / chamber orchestra + electroacoustic multichannel works

Son-round (2014)
For mexican folk ensemble and multichannel electroacoustic sounds
Premiered on 26/11/2014 at CNM/Mexico.
Conductor: Patricio Mendez.
Cello solo: Salomon Guerrero.
Video intervention: Rolando Gonzalez Arreola

Ipmo (2013)
Concert for cello, string and brass section, video intervention and multichannel electroacoustic sounds
To "orpheo", a theoretical isolated planetary mass object ejected from our solar system

Premiered on 26/11/2014 at CNM/Mexico. 
Performed by: NAFF [chusma]. 
Guest musicians:
Iracema de Andrade (Cello). 

Jaime Vargas (Vihuela)

Milkromeda (2012)
Concert for piano, full symphonic orchestra and multichannel electroacoustic sounds
To the future collision of our Milky Way and the galaxy Andromeda


Multichannel rock works

NAFF [chusma] (2013)
A multichannel progressive rock band
Composer and founder
Satie (excerpt)


Acousmatic works based on other art works

Bastidor (2010)
Commissioned by Radio UNAM/Bastidor Acústico, Mexico City 2010. Based on glimpses of selected visual, sculptural and installation works:

     1. La Giganta (1 min). Miniature for synthetic piano and electroacoustic sounds. Based on La Giganta by Jose Luis Cuevas.


     2. Animaris (1 min). Miniature for electroacoustic sounds. Based on Animaris Rhinoceros by Theo Jansen.

     3. Babel (1 min). Miniature for synthetic piano and electroacoustic sounds. Based on Babel by Cildo Meireles.

     4. Autoretrato (1 min). Miniature for synthetic oboe, bassoon, drums and electroacoustic sounds. Based on self-portrait by Tamara Lempicka.

     5. 7pecados (1 min). Miniature for electroacoustic sounds. Based on The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Times by Susan Dorothea White.


Acousmatic Works

No-Rayados (2009). A 5.1 acousmatic work commissioned by Fonoteca Nacional 2009, Mexico City, in honor to the 100th aniversary of the Mexican Revolution (1910). Released accordingly on CD by Conaculta, Mexico.


Gong Applause (2003). Acousmatic work based on real drum sounds (2003). Performed widely, most recently at RedSonic, London 2013, using the BEAST system (54 channels). Other relevant performances: Musciacoustica Festival, Beijing, China, 2006 (EMS-Network, UK). Originally composed at City University studios, London (UK).
Gong Applause (excerpt)

Emulse (2002). Acousmatic work based on synthetic percussion (2003). Performed widely, most recently at UCJS, Mexico City 2012, with Ake Parmerud. Released on Sonicity CD, London, 2004.
Emulse (excerpt)

Trelo (2002). Acousmatic work based on "everyday" sounds.
Trelo (excerpt)


Audiovisual works

Inchoate M. (v2010). Both an acousmatic and an audiovisual work for varied electroacoustic sounds. It can be presented in both formats. The visuals were created by Andrea Robles.


Ojete/Transa (2009). This is a 15.4 channel audiovisual work in collaboration with Andrea Robles. Commissioned by Centro Multimedia CNA, Mexico City 2008 (winner of the P.A.P.I.A.M project). The 15.4 multichannel system, now 15.x, was developed by the composer himself. It can be presented in other multichannel formats such as 8 channel systems, 5.1 format and quadraphonic.

Guturama (1999) 
An acoustic and caricaturesque work for guttural sounds. Winner (as "Gutura") of the "Prix de la Region de Aquitaine, Concours SCRIME 2000", Bordeaux, France. Today it is also an audiovisual work in collaboration with Pablo López Luz.

Striper v.01 (2004) 
Miniature in collaboration with Max Hattler


Symphonic works

Teoral (1997)
For full symphonic orchestra
Premiered on october 1997 by Hatfield Philharmonic (UK), conductor Howard Burrell 

Danza de Eclipse (1996)
For full symphonic orchestra
Excercise at CIEM


Chamber works

Pellucid (2012)
For flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano and drums

Maleza (1997)
For violin, clarinet, piano and cello


Solo and electroacoustic works (stereo)

Piano T (1997)
For solo piano and electroacoustic sounds in stereo
Winner of the third place in mixed music at Luigi Russolo competition, Italy, 2000


Solo and "objects" work

Ping-Forte (2013)
For piano, pingpófono (ping-pong balls) and other "everyday" sound objects
Premiered by Mauricio Nader on May 2014, FMNME 2014, Palacio de Bellas Artes (Mex)


Electroacoustic music